Key Facts

Route : From Svalbard to North Pole

Accommodation : 8 double beds coupes for 16 areonauts inside the airship

Crew : 7 crew members

Gastronomy : Arctic themed international cusine prepared by the former royal
chef in Denmark, Jesper Vollmer.

Activities : Discover the untouched wilderness of the Arctic without leaving a
footprint. Land on the North Pole on a unique journey of historic

Season : Best time to see Northern Lights are in the spring and fall
Best opportunity to spot wildlife during cruise is in the lighter summer season 2023/2024

Visit the arctic without a footprint, without a mark in the snow, without interference with nature. A quiet visit with humble respect of the sensitive nature and wildlife of the North Pole. The Nordic offers mysterious atmospherical phenomena that only occurs above certain latitudes.

An experience of a lifetime

There has never in history landed an airship on the North Pole. However, it was an airship that reached and flew over the geographical North Pole for the first time in history in 1926, by Amundsen, Ellsworth and Nobile.

The North Pole is regarded as one of the most inaccessible places on earth.

Not only will we fly and land on the North Pole – we will do so in serene comfort. A quiet cruise with unprecedented views from panorama windows altitude low enough for wildlife spotting. while dining in a luxurious lounge. This way we will show what travel is really about, where the journey is the destination, and passenger travel is healthy, revitalizing and comfortable.

Start point of the expedition is in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. This place is the world’s northernmost settlement of any kind with more than 1,000 permanent residents

Our journey to the North Pole in an Airship offers the only opportunity to encounter one of the planet’s most isolated locations in the world’s largest modern unique Lighter-Than-Air technology Airship. Discover the untouched wilderness of the Arctic without leaving a footprint.

As we head north, we must be prepared for all the vagaries that come with travel to such an isolated destination. These include inclement weather, varying ice conditions upon landing and more, all of which make this journey an Expedition beyond expectation in the truest sense.. Depending on variation in conditions every journey will be unique.

Breaking new ground is to choose to venture into the unknown, and learn things no one can teach us. Adventure is to go beyond our limits in order to evolve.

Land on the North Pole on a unique historic journey.

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